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     "If knowledge is the engine of the new economy ... then, learning is the fuel that powers it." - Hiro Takeuchi


LTG; Logistics & Transport Industry Training & Education Courses: Supply Chain Management, Sourcing/Procurement, International Business; Planning/Operations, Production, Retail, Inventory, Warehousing, Flow, Network, and Transport.

NEWS: "I thought I knew a bit about logistics." Owen Dance, FTD Beyond Graduation.

Owen Dance describes himself as 'a broken-down ex-policeman' as his early career was spent as one of the boys in blue, but in 1994 he had to leave due to health problems and started working for an organisation that no one had heard of, this is his story.

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NEWS: "If you are not measuring it, you are not managing it." Greg Cookson , FTD Beyond Graduation

Greg Cookson's management career has taken several twists and turns across the public and private sectors, with the decision to specialise in supply chain management finally reaping the job fulfilment he sought. Now responsible for a global supply chain, this is his story.

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LTG offer an opportunity for experienced Logistics and Supply Chain people to use their experience to gain qualifications. Does this sound like you?

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If you, your staff or colleagues are interested in Logistics & Supply Chain training/education contact LTG and we will establish the best options for you or your people, provide you with information and enrolment details. LTG offer the CILT UK Professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport and the CILT UK Certificate in Logistics & Transport contact or phone 06 3514406

All modules from the courses can be done as stand alone modules with LTG and our UK partner LLA.


Workshops in Palmerston North designed for all levels of Managers and Teams leaders - anyone who wants to improve their skills in this area with their staff, co-workers and clients.

Part 1: Thursday 3rd October 2019. Click for details.

Part 2:Thursday 7th November 2019. Click for details.

It is most beneficial and valuable to attend both sessions but not essential and possible to register for one.

For further information or to register please contact: Tessa 06 3514406 or 0274422331


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We can assist you along your pathway to a successful and rewarding career in the Logistics World of Supply Chain; Inventory; Warehousing; Sourcing and Procurement; Production; International Business; Movement of Goods (Transport); Road Freight; Retail Supply Chain; Supply Chain Network Planning; and Supply Chain Flow Planning, as management skills in these areas certainly are in high demand.

LTG also offer Short Courses in many Logistics & Supply Chain areas that can be tailor made for your environment - contact LTG for further information on short course options.

Corporate Logistics & LTG are aligned companies.

Corporate Logistics offers expertise in Analytics, Logistics & Supply Chain audits and consultancy and other industry related services. For further information. Please click here.

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