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Grant Buckingham - "It's the people side of things that keeps you awake at night".

Keen to find a full-time job so that he didn't have to go back to school, Grant Buckingham applied for a wide range of jobs - and freight forwarding just happened to be the one that worked out. This is his story. Click here for full story.

Owen Dance - "I thought I knew a bit about Logistics."

Owen Dance describes himself as 'a broken down ex-policeman' as his early career was spent as one of the boys in blue, but in 1994 he had to leave due to health problems and started working for an organisation that no one had heard of. Click here for full story.

Greg Cookson - "If you are not measuring it, you are not managing it."

Greg Cookson's management career has taken several twists and turns across the public and private sectors, with the decision to specialise in supply chain management finally reaping the job fulfilment he sought. Now responsible for a global supply chain, this is his story.

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Shane Macbeth - "Putting learnings into practice"

Shane Macbeth left school as soon as he could to take up farming in Taranaki, but ambition, a thirst for learning and an interest in transport has led to his current role as distribution supervisor at Balance Agri-Nutrients at Kapuni. This is his story.

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The Sir Bob Owens Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Logistics, Supply Chain Sector and Community. Recipient: WALTER GLASS

This award is a memorial to the late Sir Bob Owens, one of the industry’s most respected leaders. The award is only made to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the supply chain/logistics sector, as well as contributing to the community and other organisations, and is not necessarily made every year.

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Award for the Logistics Training Group's top NZ graduate

Award for the Logistics Training Group's top NZ graduate in the
CILT UK Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport Sponsored by the Logistics Training Group, represented by managing director Dr Walter Glass


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Bruce Wooller – “I suspect my next career change is not far away”

Bruce Wooller describes his varied logistics career in and out of the defence forces and in several countries around the world as a life of continuous change, lived at a fast pace, with no boredom and being inspired.

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Stuart Reed – “I found what was missing in my career”

Stuart Reed is currently a depot manager for Fonterra, but he could have been a professional chef, if not for family commitments and a return to education which changed the direction of his career.

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Cynthia Quinny Chin – “I changed my career path in my 30s”

Cynthia Quinny Chin’s interest in the food supply chain was piqued while working in a fastfood restaurant. Today she’s a high-level supply chain manager.

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