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Corey Hartley – “We’ve reshaped our lower NI distribution network

In 1996 as a young man, Corey Hartley received a reply from the plant manager at the Tui Dairy Company confirming a temporary position as a technician in the blending plant for a period of two weeks. Twenty-two years later, he’s still there. 

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John Mullins – “Continuing education has supported my career advancement

John Mullins has had a lifetime career within the Foodstuffs organisation, with his current role being general manager supply chain for the South Island cooperative company.

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When last-mile logistics means a 160 km sail across the Gulf

 A tiny pub on Great Barrier Island has been named ‘the best craft beer experience in the rest of the world’ – but how do they manage to keep the ale flowing when they’re situated on a remote Hauraki Gulf island? 

                  - Walter Glass

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Nick Dromgool – “I’m driven by a passion to succeed”

You could say Nick Dromgool’s career has evolved from engineering to events, with the help of some logistics training along the way.

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The Achilles heel of State Highway 3 - Giancarlo (John) Hannan

News that the Manawatu Gorge road will be closed
indefinitely has raised a storm of protest from residents
and businesses in the lower North Island. Why is
the route so unstable and what are the options going

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Patrick Baker - "I wanted something to challenge me".

Hailing from a truck driving family, Patrick Baker's career might have followed similar lines, but today he’s responsible for 29 staff and a budget of over $5 million at Fonterra’s Pahiatua and Longburn sites. Please click here for the complete article.

‘Cross-fit’ initiative to prepare work-ready newcomers for logistics role

Recent statistics now show that 70% of secondary school leavers in New Zealand are opting out of going to university for their tertiary education, and of the remaining 30% that do enter university, about half will fail or leave without obtaining a qualification. Moreover, those who take on tertiary education, graduating or not, are leaving with massive levels of debt that will take many years to repay. More sobering still is the observation that, on a comparative basis, New Zealand places less emphasis on higher educational qualifications than most other first-world countries, but favours experience instead – so not a particularly positive perspective for a young graduate exiting university with a large student debt and no work experience. This is causing many school leavers and their parents (the traditional student ‘money tree’ to which I have alluded in past articles) to critically examine the quality, relevance and actual costs of the programmes that schools offer, including how well the secondary education system is preparing New Zealand students for entry into the workforce and adulthood.

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Bill Bamber - "You learn by drinking the milk"

Bill Bamber started work as a young man in the orchards of Hawke's Bay, but a will to succeed, staying loyal to his home town and a wise move to gain a recognised qualification has resulted in a satisfying and successful career in transport. For complete story please click Page 1  Page 2

Lisa Journeaux - "I have a new view on things".

Living in the Central North Island it was perhaps inevitable that Lisa Journeaux would wind up in the timber industry, but it was from an early role as a despatch clerk and a love of 'organising things' that she discovered her passion for Logistics. Please click here for the complete article.

Tony Marriott - "I'm still in Logistics, still loving it".

Like many in the logistics industry Cantabrian Tony Marriott started work as a Storeman, working at Meadows Freight at Christchurch Airport in the early 1980's. Today his is the General Manager of one of New Zealand's leading providers of moving services within the country and around the world. Please click here for the complete article.